Services include:

services2Crown Cleaning: Includes removing dead, damaged, weakly attached, or diseased branches. This reduces hazards, decreases property damage and helps to promote healthy tissue. Regular pruning can eliminate these small problems before they become big ones.

Crown Thinning: Includes crown cleaning and removing unnecessary crossing or competing branches. This allows for more air and light to pass through the tree and reduces pressure on the plant.

Crown Raising: Removes the lower branches of the tree to increase visibility, reduce hazards near walkways and provide clearance to facilitate lawn-mowing.

Crown Restoration: A process by which a damaged tree is trained to resume its natural growth habit. Restoration works to improve the tree’s appearance and structure.

Crown Clearing: Involves the pruning of branches away from a home, structure or street – to eliminate damage by the tree to a structure or vehicle.

Crown Reduction: Reduces the height of a tree by 10 to 20 percent to acceptable levels. This type of pruning is only performed on ornamentals to achieve a certain desired aesthetic effect.

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